Fresh Access Bucks (FAB)

Fresh Access Bucks (FAB) is a USDA-funded nutrition incentive program in Florida that encourages SNAP recipients to redeem their benefits at farmers’ markets, produce stands, CSAs, and mobile markets to purchase healthy produce directly from Florida farmers.

FAB matches or discounts what a SNAP cardholder spends at participating markets with free Fresh Access Bucks every day to spend on Florida-grown fruits & vegetables. Other than qualifying & receiving SNAP benefits, there is no need to sign up or do anything in advance.

If you would like to become a Fresh Access Bucks outlet you can apply on the FAB website here.

Step 1: Become authorized as a market OR as an individual vendor to accept SNAP/EBT

Step 2: Apply with Feeding Florida to implement Fresh Access Bucks

For more information, visit the Fresh Access Bucks website including their FAQ page

About Fresh Access Bucks

FAB is a nutrition assistance program funded through a Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Program (FINIP) Grant from the USDA. It is administered at the state level by Feeding Florida. FAB expands access to farmers markets for SNAP/EBT participants by either discounting SNAP/EBT transactions OR by matching funds that customers withdraw from their SNAP/EBT cards at farmers markets.

Farmers markets most commonly opt for the matching approach, which uses green plastic tokens that customers can use to purchase Florida-grown fruits, vegetables, and food-producing plants. Vendors then turn in tokens they have earned to a market manager or SNAP/EBT booth staff for reimbursement.

For more information about the Fresh Access Bucks (FAB) program, visit the Feeding Florida website.